DJ Miia Magia

“Have you heard that track? It sounds like you”, is not something that one hears unless they have their own distinctive style. Miia Magia has that and more.

Back in 2004 Miia started to organize club events with three of her girlfriends in Helsinki. Her dream was just simply to create an event with her favourite music and to make people dance. In her late teens she was very inspired by London's returning 60's mod culture, 70's glamrock and also the 90's Indie rock and Britpop scenes that were growing strong at the time. These were the genres of music she played on her first DJ-gigs in a shady venue, that actually later turned into a strip club.

Miia and her group of friends wanted to continue their adventures in clubland and found their new home at Club Semifinal (downstairs venue of Tavastia, Helsinki's most legendary rock club). Five years of recidency gave them a lot of experience, knowledge and a chance to manage a big bunch of eclectic bookings with local up and coming artists such as Lapko, Mariska, Accu, Rudi Rok and Villa Nah.

Soon after britpop and indie rock had to give some space for more electronic tunes as Miia got her first booking to play at DTM, Scandinavia’s biggest gay club at the time. There she stepped up to become the resident DJ and this way DJ Miia Magia was born. Her cooperation with the Helsinki Gay-scene was crowned with a DJ-gig in one of the trucks at the Helsinki Pride parade through Helsinki, were her music ordered 30 000 Helsinki Pride party people to dance.

Miia also continued organizing her own events and the “Sound of Magic”-night at mbar was up and running for three years with her favourite local house DJs. She also gained resident status in Eau de Pussy Club (an essential player in the Finnish club scene since 1998). Alongside her own events Miia has performed in most major cities of Finland, and also internationally in Tallinn, Madrid, Valencia and Stockholm.

One of her recent ventures was between spring 2015 to spring 2016 when she was invited to be part of Bassoradio, one of Finland's national stations. There she was hosting the "Our House" show every second Friday, playing her definition of authentic Deep House music.

Miia's taste of music has traveled a long way to find it's way to this day's deeper House tunes. Since moving to Stockholm 2016 she's been focusing to learn more about music production and the athmosphere surrounding the Stockholm scenes.